Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dagon's Illusion

Here it is.  I warned you I was going to do it.  If you are up for a strange journey, I invite you to come with me into the world Dagon’s Illusion.   And it’s all free.  Starting today, I will be posting the entire book, about five chapters every week.

But I repeat the warning that I gave before. 

This book was BANNED BY ZONDERVAN, the largest Christian publisher in the world.  Though they had contracted for it, when they saw the first few pages they were aghast and horrified.  And they were absolutely correct to feel such aghastness. God help us, this is not a “Christian Novel.”  Within it there is no nubile young Christian woman with a bodice ripe for the ripping (yet, that never gets ripped).  There is no hunky young single pastor with a broken heart that needs mending by said nubile Christian wench.  And, God help us, there are no horses and not even the faintest archaeological vestige of a small town. 

Instead, those graceful editors at Zondervan ran smash into the occult, the supernatural, astral projection, inter-dimensionality, magic, mentalism, tarot, the zodiac, a hellish New Orleans night club and even a spider as large as a truck.   (I’m sure they didn’t get that far before they threw up.)  So, I warn you, Zondervan was right.  THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR GOOD CHRISTIANS.  If you are a sweetie-pie Christian whose ears burn when you hear the word “crap,” do not go near this site.  THIS BOOK IS FOR BAD CHRISTIANS LIKE ME and a lot other bad people.  It’s even for bad Jews such as my old friend, Michael Lange.  (In his defense, though he proclaims his standing as a bad Jew, he is a very, very good director.)

So start reading at your own risk.  If you don’t like it stop reading.  Just don’t whine to me about it not being nice.  I got a couple of bad reviews on Amazon from sweetie-pies who didn’t think my first novel, Angel Fall, was very nice.  It just wasn’t “Christian.”  Too bad.  Suck it up.

But for those bad brave souls who are looking for a different kind of story…well, come with me…