Saturday, November 5, 2016

0012 - Bipolar Spirituality

It's time to clean up your life.  Things are not going to get any easier.  There is a lot of reason to believe that Navy SEAL motto, The Only Easy Day was Yesterday. So prepare for what lies ahead, both in your life and the world.  It doesn't matter what kind of preparations you make for what's coming if you haven't taken care of the most important area.  Preparations mean nothing if your spirit isn't  ready to meet the King. 

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

0011 - The Fork in the Road

Most of the time, the choice we make at a fork in the road of life determines our entire future. At various times, all of us have chosen wrong directions.  Looking back, the choice we should have made is much clearer.  It took years for me to understand that Someone was waiting to guide me at each fork in the road. I didn't understand because I  didn't want to understand.  I  was certain that I knew the right way to go.  I was wrong.

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0010 - Dungeon Battles

Where does real  spiritual warfare occur?  Not in front of crowds.  Though we don't search for them, we can expect dangerous battles to come to us.  And they always take us to the end of our resources.  The days are getting very dark, my friends.  Many people are preparing for physical calamities,  but on the most important level they remain unprepared.  Preparation for what is to come needs to take place in your soul and spirit. 

As I have said, I am beginning this podcast with a series of talks that I gave several years ago.  They are intended to build step by step on each other. When these foundational talks are completed, we will be ready to approach strange subjects that have only been introduced in the initial episodes.  Every episode of this podcast is meant to strengthen and prepare you to be a faithful and courageous servant of Jesus Christ.


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