Monday, October 3, 2016

007 - Doorway Into Night

Is death final?  Could life continue in another place?  In this episode we begin the discussion of near death experiences.  I tell the true story that was behind a scene I wrote for The Equalizer television series. It was a scene about a hit man who was hit himself and what happened to him after the bullet entered his face.  That scene was based on an actual experience, an eye-witness account.

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006 - Soul Assault

Millions of people live in deep fear of something that haunts them. When it appears, they have no control over it. In this episode, we confront that fear and the answer to it.

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005 - Satan's Throne

Their evil voices are in the past and present speaking many lies. And they will speak with even more power in the future.  In this episode, we discuss one of those great lies which we have called the Cult of Spirit Healing. 

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