Tuesday, February 9, 2010

About 2012 and a Few Associated Terrors

I do not gravitate easily toward believing in conspiracy theories and I’ve read a large number of them. Conspiracy theorists come in many shades of paranoia. Sadly, in our world there’s a lot to be paranoid about. And governments feed that paranoia. I seriously question the value of constantly broadcasting to the whole country that terrorists are about to attack us. Just exactly what are we supposed to do other than be frightened? When I was a child it was the threat of nuclear attack. We had regular drills in which we all got under our desks. And they weren’t large desks. Let’s face it, if you were a fat kid when that bomb hit your tail would be radioactive ash. Here is an interesting question: What do governments gain by keeping their citizens frightened?

Sadly, there is reason to be most frightened of our own government. From the standpoint of statistical possibility alone which should I fear more, a terrorist attack or getting killed by the police making a mistake and breaking down my door because they think I’m a drug dealer? Beyond simple mistakes, there’s a greater reason to fear our government. Over the past 234 years the United States government has perpetrated some unbelievably evil acts that have polluted our national life. There’s quite a selection to choose from but one of the worst was known as Operation Paperclip.

After World War II thousands of Nazis, many of them war criminals, were secreted into the United States where they were given leading roles in science, both in government (especially NASA) and private corporations. The ostensible purpose was to help us fight the Soviet Union. So we chose to battle one heinous evil by infecting ourselves with another. But of course that infection started well before WWII. We could talk about the Nazi influence at the highest level of major corporations both before and after the war. And the disease continues today. Unfortunately, those who choose to believe in conspiracies have ample evidence in their favor.

The Enlightening of Darkness

There is one ancient conspiracy that I do believe in. It is a supernatural Luciferic conspiracy. Lucifer, meaning Light Bearer, was the original name of the great angelic being now known as Satan. According to the Bible he was called Lucifer before his fall from Heaven. The goal of this vast conspiracy is nothing less than the enthronement of Lucifer as ruler of the world. Does that sound utterly insane? Watch what’s going to happen in the next few years.

Obviously, if such a conspiracy exists it needs human allies and there have always been a wealth of fools available. This is not the time to go into a dissertation on the history of such individuals and groups. If you are interested I would suggest a web search on a fascinating lady named Alice A. Bailey and the influential organization she founded called The Lucis Trust. As you descend into that snake rectum you will discover a disturbing nexus between Ms. Bailey, assorted Ascended Masters, Madam H.P. Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy and the whole New Age movement, the United Nations and a bevy of past and current world leaders. As a storyteller I just love this kind of rancid stew.

For many reasons I am convinced that we are in the final stages of this Luciferic conspiracy. If my hypothesis is correct, in the near future we will see a steep rise in the use of fear as a strategy for societal control. At its final level, ultimate terror will lead to ultimate control. Jesus called people sheep and He was right. Sheep aren’t stupid animals, they just live in constant fear. When they are terrified they clump together and are easily led to slaughter. So how might ultimate terror lead to this ultimate control? And what does ultimate control look like anyway?

Sleep That Isn’t Sleep

For the past several years I have been studying hypnosis (not doing it, just studying). I have read the works of Milton Erickson, Dave Elman, Richard Bandler and others. Recently I have been in communication with a young master hypnotist in the UK. He guided me to the writing of George Estabrooks. These were all very learned men in their field. Reading what they have said about hypnosis has raised some serious issues.

For years a dangerous falsehood has been promoted by many in the hypno-therapeutic community. This falsehood is that those under hypnosis won’t do or say anything that they wouldn’t do or say in their normal cognitive state. The truth is that in deep trance many (if not most) of us can be manipulated into doing virtually anything that a skillful hypnotic director might assign. There is a second fantasy that many people believe. Because of their quick and penetrating intelligence they think that they cannot be hypnotized. They are wrong. Whether a person will be hypnotized or not depends mostly on the skill of the hypnotic director. Many of those who believe themselves to be invulnerable are the most easily induced into trance.

What happens during hypnosis? The rational, decision-making part of our minds, the part that is guided by societal restraints, is set aside. What we call, for lack of a better designation, the subconscious mind comes to the fore. This is the part of us that is the repository of detailed memories and vivid fantasies. While the subconscious mind is a wonderful “storage facility” and “background influencer,” its rational decision-making skills are those of an immature baffled child. We could say that it is the sheep-like part of us that is deeply susceptible to direction in the form of post-hypnotic suggestion. (Side note: In my opinion it is in this realm of the subconscious that dark supernatural forces gain a foothold and fight for total control. Certain actions and decisions by the conscious mind may open the door to that entry.)

But it isn’t just hypnosis that can shove aside the rational mind. There appear to be many such agents. We talk about episodes of “mindless rage” taking control of some people. When these episodes pass very often the individual doesn’t remember things that he or she did and said. Deep shock caused by overwhelming terror can force the rational mind to “go to sleep.” In this state, people can appear much like little children wandering aimlessly, deeply susceptible to external influence and control. When a mass of people is in this state it can lead to mob violence. Elias Canetti’s masterwork, “Crowds and Power” is in part a study of this dangerous collective life.

Question: When a person is in a state of traumatic shock caused by overwhelming fear would it possible for a master hypnotist to lead him into a deeper trance thereby placing him under long-term hypnotic control? Nothing that I have read has argued against such a potential. A second question: If the possibility exists on an individual basis, why would it be impossible collectively? Imagine a series of worldwide events that create such terror that whole populations enter a state of traumatic shock. The Bible predicts that in the last days such terrible fear will take hold of the human race that men's hearts will stop beating. In such a time wouldn’t whole populations be susceptible to deep trance through the masterful hypnotic skills of national leaders? Those who saw and heard Adolph Hitler give his mesmerizing speeches testify to a strange hypnotic power that he exerted over great masses of people…and this without overwhelming fear.

2012 in Our Favorite Calendar

Last November I went to the theater and saw the movie “2012.” (What great visuals and what a ludicrous script. It was so slow that I thought the world would end before the closing credits rolled.) The film attempts to capitalize on the ever-increasing world fascination with the date December 21, 2012. That is the end of the 13th baktun of the Maya Long Count Calendar. At exactly 11:11 GMT on that winter solstice the sun will align with the galactic center of the Milky Way, something that hasn’t happened exactly in this manner for 13,000 years. On that date the precession of the equinoxes will conclude a 26,000 year cycle ending the Age of Pisces and beginning the Age of Aquarius. The sun will rise in Sagittarius, the ancient symbol of Nimrod. The Mayas believed that on December 21, 2012 the world as we know it will come to an end in a great upheaval.

The Mayas were not the only ones obsessed with 2012. There is a wealth of other seemingly prophetic information that focuses on this inauspicious date. 2012 prophecies are found in The Bible Code, the Orion Prophecy based on predictions believed to be encoded in the Sphinx, the pyramids and the zodiacs of Dendera. There is Terrance McKenna’s research into the I-Ching, the Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecies and the Hopi prophecies about the blue star Kachina that will appear deep in the universe and dance in a frightening time of purification. Add to these the Zohar of the Jewish Kabbalah which predicts the coming of the Messiah in late 2012. Even NASA is predicting a solar maximum in September of 2012 which they project will be the largest solar storm since records have been kept. And the list goes on. According to most of them we are entering the darkest most horrible period in recorded history.

A Visit to the Sun Dance

A number of years ago a friend of mine had a terrifying experience. Now this person is not the fervid hyper-emotional type. He’s quite rational and down-to-earth, so when he told me this story I believed him. He was on a camping vacation across the country. I think he was in Arizona when he saw a sign announcing a major Indian Sun Dance festival. It sounded fascinating and being interested in Native American culture, he decided to attend. So into the wilderness he drove. When he arrived he found thousands people gathered for this great event. Throughout the day he enjoyed the colorful costumes, the delicious food, the dancing and the drumming. He even participated in a sweat lodge. That night he pitched his tent among hundreds of others and settled down to sleep.

But sleep didn’t last long. In the middle of the night he awoke to a horrifying sensation. The way he told it there was something alive inside the tent with him. He could feel it touching him but he couldn’t see it. Never had he been so overwhelmed with an absolute sense of evil and danger. And then it attacked. Needless to say, my friend leaped out of that tent. Throwing his gear in the car he drove away as fast as he could.

Then came a second level of horror. He realized that he hadn’t escaped. Whatever the thing was it was in the car with him. Now he was desperate. Being a devout Christian he knew that he was dealing with an evil spirit and, clearly, it was very powerful. Nothing that he did or said drove it away. All he could think to do was find a church and get some other Christians to help him. But he was in the wilderness. Finally, he reached a small town and came upon a little Roman Catholic Church. Though he wasn’t a Catholic he ran inside. The priest prayed for him and together they drove away the spiritual parasite that had attached itself. When the priest found out that my friend was a Christian he was incredulous. He wanted to know how he could have been so naïve as to go to the Sun Dance? Didn’t he know that a Sun Dance is a major focal point for evil spirits?

Now I am aware that some people reading this will be highly offended by such a story. It besmirches the hallowed view of Native American culture. And what does it have to do with 2012 anyway? Stay tuned.

Chains Across the Centuries

While individual expressions differ, primitive religions hold many beliefs in common. The people who live under these systems are desperately anxious to appease and influence the thousands of spirits that clog their world. They may believe that these spirits are their ancestors or are elemental beings in charge of various aspects of physical life from storms and disease to crops and herds of animals, but the consistent understanding about them from culture to culture and throughout history is that they must be feared. If they are not treated with the utmost circumspection terrible destruction may be wreaked on the tribe. At the very least the group will experience no bounty. Hence, the need for a shaman to act as a go-between telling the people exactly what rules must followed to achieve what they want from the “gods.” So here is a question: Are these primitive cultures simply enslaved by endless generations of fantastical myths that hold no reality or have they discovered that there really are invisible beings that must be feared? Is it possible that all of these cultures are enslaved to dark spirits that the Bible calls demons and fallen angels?

It is not politically correct to cast aspersions on any aspect of Native American culture. To the modern western mind all Native Americans just ooze staunch nobility in the face of oppression, a deep concern for the ecology of the earth and a spiritual respect for all living creatures. Granted this is somewhat mitigated of late by the hundreds of giant Indian casinos that now dot the land and the big SUV’s that tribal council members often drive, but the mythology continues to cling.

The truth is that thematically Native American cultures are little different than thousands of other primitive cultures around the world. Particularly in the western United States many Indian beliefs find their antecedents in the great civilizations of the Aztecs and the Mayas. So it’s not surprising that many share apocalyptic predictions about the end of this age. And they share in their fear.

Why Were the Mayas So Paranoid?

Dozens of books have been written about the Mayas and their Long Count Calendar. It’s a very sophisticated piece of work that covers millions of years. Clearly, the Mayas were obsessed with what the future would hold. Here was a culture that never figured out how to use the wheel except in children’s toys, yet they present us with this masterpiece of paranoia. Did they calculate this monstrosity just because they liked to play with numbers? Like the Aztecs that followed them the Mayas lived in terror. Why did they engage in the most horrific human sacrifices? In large part because they believed that if they didn’t the world would be destroyed. The gods required blood to appease their thirst for destruction. Where did they come up with this? Was it just a vile concoction from the perverted minds of some elitist priests, or could this whole mass of corruption including their calendar have been given to them? Over and over the Mayas and the Aztecs tell us of the “gods” who came and taught them all they needed to know.

Are the Predictions Correct?

If it were only the string of pagan prophetic sources that forecasted a time of great evil and disaster I would not be so concerned. The powers of darkness love to terrify people. It’s their approach to crowd control. But then there are the predictions of Jesus about the state of the world just before His return. These are found in Matthew chapter 24 and elsewhere. If we are entering that time (and I think there is great evidence that we are) we will see a huge increase in all of the things that He predicted. In addition, there will be a terrifying rise in what might be termed supernatural phenomena. These will not be limited to individual experiences. Rather there will be mass events that will cause “paradigm shifts” in reality. Everything we thought we understood about “normal life” will be turned on its head. Nothing that we call normal will ever exist again. And we will be utterly terrified. The Bible predicts that the greatest evil leader in all of history will arise. He will be well equipped to take advantage of our fear.

Which leaves one overwhelming question: Are you ready? The answer to that involves several corollary questions that you should consider. Who was Jesus? Was He really who the Bible says He was? It might be time to carefully examine those issues because He predicted that when the world entered that terrible period…He would return.


  1. Garbage... you don't believe in conspiracies easily but will believe in a supernatural being that wishes to control people, i.e. Lucifer. You do believe in conspiracies so just say it. It doesn't validate or invalidate your ideas if you do. Don't be ashamed of your opinions, just don't kill someone if they disagree.

    In my opinion the conspiracy in government is far worse from those evangelicals "working for the Lord" then someone from Alice Bailey. Your far more likely to run into an evangelical in politics then a devil worshipper. The only main group I see seeking control over government, media, spirituality and private life are evangelicals.

    And it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ or his teachings in the 4 gospels. Where is the conspiracy and who is the devil?

  2. Jonah, I think your question is actually addressed by Coleman's observations about sheep and fear. People who are acting from fear - whether consciously or not - will choose foolish actions (such as those you condemn). But does that invalidate the rest of what Coleman is saying? I don't think it does. It's not a case of either/or. It's a case of both this and that.

    I can't tell if you are also dismissing the idea of spiritual presences, some of which are going to be hostile and evil. I do get the feeling that you are, especially with the dismissive reference to "devil worshippers". It is not required that one knowingly worship the devil to be influenced and/or guided by evil.

    Myself, I think the true combat is personal and every-day. It is the people I deal with and the things I face every day that are mine to influence, hopefully for Christ. If I look too far beyond that, the scope becomes too big. So for me speculations about what might or might not be the "end of the age" can only be a recreation, because I don't know. I'll deal with what I do know, here and now.

  3. Fascinating stuff, Coleman. Thank God that "the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world." 1 John 4:4 (see vv. 1-6)